Squawk Dirty Is Live!

You are very lucky because today Squawkdirty.com was published and you are reading the first post ever by Squawkdirty!

Made up by pilots in the aviation business who are painfully aware of the decline in terms and conditions over the years for pilots all over the world. Living it day by day and getting worn out and the only thing we knwo how to do is fly metal beasts and writing blogs. This is our oasis in the aviation world where you can enjoy histories, tales and funny photos.

It will be a place where aviators can relax and where non-aviators can relish in things not usually known to them.

We are certain you will enjoy it and thank you again for taking the time to visit us!

Blue skies!

One thought on “Squawk Dirty Is Live!

  1. Hey there, love the site and the idea. Sorry to be bothersome but there’s a typo on your page. In the 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence.


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